Интервью с Виктором и Ириной Бейня

В передаче служения “НаМольберте” Виктор и Ирина Бейня. Виктор является региональным пастором церкви “Благодать” города Минска. Ирина – автор и … More

People of captivity – Sergey Prokopov

Sergei Prokopov has been serving people in prisons for a long time. He testifies of the amazing works of God … More

Hippy, Children of God, TLR, and his personal journey – Caleb Singer

Today in our studio we have a wonderful guest with an awesome touching life story. Originally Caleb is from Belgium. … More

The story of a former Muslim. Zarina Chuvik

In all times & circumstances, the question of faith remains the sharpest and loudest question. History shows us that millions … More

Интервью с Ларисой Жибрик